MGB Works Hardtop Repainted

After a lot of wet and dry rubbing down and now having a pretty smooth surface I reckon it is ready for a first coat of primer. I am going to use a high build primer to hide any minor imperfections.

I used 5 x 500ml cans of high build primer. Got about 2 coats per can with a light rub down every other coat. Then left for a week before the top final colour top coat.

3 x 400ml cans of top coat of Old English White. Again I got about 2 coats per can. By the final coat I was getting a reasonable gloss with only 2 minor runs that should easily flat out.
That last coat of paint dried with a very fine orange peel effect which I think will be perfect as it will not show up any of the many minor imperfections so much as a high gloss mirror finish. Will see when it finally hardens up.

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