“Botch Up” Axle Strap Pin – Sorted

Whilst having the back of the car jacked up was a good opportunity to swop the axle straps. Although my MGB is a RB it was converted to CB by a previous owner and should have had the shorter CB axle straps fitted the same time.
As soon as I tried undoing the nut holding the strap onto the axle it just “dropped” off!! It looks as though the nut with a bit of stud screwed in it had been fixed onto the last thread of the axle stud. It had been made to look as if the nut was well threaded onto the stud!!

A neat botch ……

I reckon I could get a thinner lock nut onto the threads that are left – it’s not as if it’s taking any weight.

Update 10th Jan2020

Some great ideas from MG Exp forum

1. to drill a 3mm hole across the remaining thread and use a split pin and washer to hold the strap on.

2. to drill and tap a thread into the remain stud for a bolt ……as per pic below

……but this looks a little more tricky

Update 13th Jan 2020

I opted for the split pin method which has worked well- see pic below:-

I did the other side as well to match!